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Elevating Comfort & Style With Goofon’s Clothes: Built For Tiny Steps That Leave A Big Impact

We at GoofOn are dedicated to a brighter and greener future for the little ones who inspire us daily. Our journey began with a simple yet profound vision - to create high-quality clothing that keeps your little ones comfortable and nurtures the environment they’ll inherit.

Given these goals, we have perfected building the most breathable, stretchable, and gentle fabric from a blend of bamboo, elastane and cotton. We are one of the best kidswear brands in India, focused on delivering quality and consciousness at every manufacturing stage.

Our clothes are designed to be whimsical, vibrant, and are built with comfort in every single strand of fabric. By choosing GoofOn, you choose more than just clothing. You choose a sustainable future and a product that lasts all the roughhousing that your little ones can do.

Our Purpose: To Give Nature’s Best For Little Adventurers

There are plenty of great kidswear brands in India. So, why did we start GoofOn?

Short Answer: We at GoofOn wanted to provide children access to the most comfortable clothing that fits their vibrant personalities without compromising on durability and harming the environment.

Long Answer: We wanted to build a children’s clothing brand that our environment-conscious generation could be proud of. All products developed at GoofOn are made with a bamboo, cotton, and elastane blend that’s soft, durable, stretchable, and sustainable all while reducing the use of harmful pesticides and chemicals.

Our fabric processing is Zero Liquid Discharge certified, ensuring that not even a single drop of chemical is released into the environment. We pay fair wages and provide extensive benefits to all our employees.

Our Promise: Providing Sustainable And Durable Style To Kids In India

As parents, we understand the importance of providing our children with the safest childhood. Our clothing is built to mimic the softest touch of a mother so your children feel safe in the middle of every new adventure. The stretchability of the clothes gives space for your kids to explore and grow.

Small Steps, Big Change: Dressing Kids in Sustainable Splendor

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